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Welcome to the River Bible Institute Africa, please watch the introduction message from Dr. Leon and start the Introduction course in the "Available Courses" section below to help you get started with the Diploma in Christian Ministry.

    Available courses

    Thank you for choosing the River Bible Institute to further your Bible education. The River Bible Institute courses are based on curricula we have been teaching for over thirty years. The courses have been tested and proven by thousands of students worldwide.

    260 Daily DevotionsBreakfast of Champions is the devotional part of this 
    course written with the purpose of inspiring you to
    live the most effective, influential, God-filled
    life you can.

    Discovering your riches through christ

    Discovery lets you explore the foundational truths 
    about who you are in Christ, what He has done for you,
    and what you have in Him. It also teaches you how to apply these truths to your life

    Changing your world through prayerPrayer has been called the "life-breath” of the believer. Just as we require oxygen to survive, we as Christians need the life we live by faith to be energized and 
    sustained through prayer.

    Ministering and Receiving HealingThis subject is an opportunity for you to get to know 
    what the Word of God teaches concerning divine 
    healing, and to get to know the Healer Himself.

    How to Win Others to Christ

    We believe that all Christians ought to take the Great Commission seriously enough to go out of their way to 
    spread the gospel to their world of influence.

    Faith for Victorious LivingThrough faith, we are brought into a living relationship
    with God, giving us access to the resources of
    heaven. Through faith, we are blessed, prospered,
    and victorious.

    Knowing and Doing God's WillThe goal of this subject is for you to be made ready for more effective ministry. By knowing God's will and voice, you will then do great exploits of faith.

    Rightly dividing the word of truthUnderstanding Bible doctrines will give you a greater revelation of God and His plan of salvation. As you 
    study you will be built up and rooted in the truth 
    and firmly established in the faith.

    Balanced Christian LivingGod is interested in the works that you are doing for 
    Him and He is interested in the character of the
    person doing those works. This subject will
    challenge you in your service to Him.

    Godly management of your finances

    This subject is about knowing what God's Word 
    says about finances, how we are to use them,
    and how to walk in freedom and provision.

    The Bride Made ReadyThe Bible describes the Church as the Bride of Christ.
    As His bride, we are in the process of being made
    ready for Him. This is the focal point of this
    course, the Glorious Church.

    The Study of GodThis is a study of religious faith, practice, and experience.
    It is the study of God, His relationship to the world,
    His nature, His moral character, and His ways.

    Modeled After Jesus ChristThrough this subject you will grow in your leadership
    skills, learn to recognize Christ-like leadership in
    others, and recognize the leadership that is not
    modeled after Jesus.

    Modeled After Jesus ChristThere are many ways to approach the study of
    leadership, but in the end the final authority and
    the measure of all truth must be left to only one
    man, who is without flaw, Jesus Christ.

    Breaking Down Barriers to Effective EvangelismEvangelism and missions go hand in hand. This
    subject will help you understand and reach out
     to the diverse cross-cultural mission field in
    your own backyard.

    Every Member a MinisterMinistry training will help you to be an effective 
    minister who can love and serve others. Believers 
    will be raised up and released into effective 
    supernatural ministry.